Milliarium Consulting aus der San Francisco Bay Aera im Silicon Valley hilft Entrepreneurs und Start-ups beim Markteintritt in den USA und der Schweiz oder bei der Geschäftsentwicklung in diesen beiden Ländern.

Milliarium Consulting LLC

Milliarium Consulting was founded in 2013 in Los Gatos, California, which is located in Silicon Valley near San Jose.

The Swiss-born economist Mark Walti recognized that his previous work experience coupled with his business connections to both the US and Switzerland provided him with the potential for offering management consulting services.

Milliarium Consulting is primarily focused on entrepreneurs and startups who are planning market entry or product introduction in either of the two countries, or who would like to expand and intensify their business activities between Switzerland and the US.

Aside from its role as a consultant, Milliarium Consulting retains an open ear for all business opportunities. In the sense of cooperative companies, the agency is also interested in playing an active role in a startup business.

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