Milliarium Consulting aus der San Francisco Bay Aera im Silicon Valley hilft Entrepreneurs und Start-ups beim Markteintritt in den USA und der Schweiz oder bei der Geschäftsentwicklung in diesen beiden Ländern.


Oct 31, 2018
This year’s Swisscom Startup Challenge was again a tremendous success. During their stay in Silicon Valley, the five Swiss start-ups were able to take advantage of various meetings with prominent partners. In addition to new insights and helpful tips, most events led to follow-up meetings. Thus the start-ups’ expectations were more than met.
Aug 15, 2018
Under the motto “Next Level Data Experience,” CEO Urs Schäppi and three other members of Swisscom’s executive board visited Silicon Valley at the beginning of August. The goal of their three-day visit was both to gain insight into the strategy and organization of established data-driven companies, and also to learn from emerging start-ups how they disrupt entire industries.
Apr 25, 2018
In connection with a workshop, the Swisscom Outpost had the opportunity to update Federal Council member Ueli Maurer about developments in the FinTech sector. The Swiss Finance Minister was clearly impressed by the increasing competition and major changes affecting this technology. Maurer returned to Switzerland fortified with new insights about Digital Identity.