A legacy fund as a new sponsoring approach

25% percent of every corporate sponsorship dollar of the Super Bowl 50 is contributed to non-profit organizations in the Bay Area. The Committee hopes that giving back a percentage of funds back to the local community has the same impact on the sports world as the top innovators in the Bay Area have on technology.

Looking back Super Bowl 50 was a huge success. The Bay Area shined in global spotlight and presented itself to the world at its finest. Everything was well organized, visitors from all over the US came and the weather was great. But that is not all we will remember about Super Bowl 50. Even more important is the impact on the community this event will have. With 50 Fund the SB 50 Host Committee raised about $13 million of dollars that will be contributed to 141 non-profits in the region. This makes Super Bowl 50 the most philanthropic Super Bowl in history.

"Sport should help the most vulnerable"

Daniel Lurie, Chairman of the SB 50 Host Committee, said: "Big sport should also make a big change and should help the most vulnerable. We can't look past our neighbors in need. They will be here when the game is over." The opportunity gap in the Bay Area is wider than ever. Around 39'000 people are homeless and another tens of thousands are living in poverty possibly one step away from homelessness. On the other side, Silicon Valley as the home of many huge tech companies is one of the wealthiest areas in the United States.

The most giving Super Bowl in the history

This opportunity gap was the reason that back in August 2013 Daniel Lurie and Keith Bruce (CEO of SB 50 Host Committee) decided to plan the SB 50 as the most giving SB in history and to do something to reduce that gap. It worked out very well. The American culture defines itself through backing each other up because there is little state support to help out. To give back and donate time and money is a very important element of the US culture and made the realization of 50 Fund possible. With around $13 million 50 Fund will support more than 500'000 children, youth and young adults across the Bay Area.

Follow the example of 50 Fund

For a host city the regional impact is monumental and has to be a high priority in their business plan. Although Super Bowl may benefit from one of the biggest public and media spotlights, this should not stop other sport events to take that idea and follow the example of 50 Fund to make a positive impact on their local community. For the Bay Area this could increase the chances to host another Super Bowl in the near future. According to Keith Bruce, Super Bowl 56 would be great. By then the name will return to its traditional Roman numerals. Levi's Stadium, he said with a smile, likes the look of Super Bowl LVI... 

50 fund Impact (Video)








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