Omnichair - a new way of living

Omnichair - der manövrierfähigste Elektrorollstuhl der Welt

The newly invented Omnichair gives its owner a unique freedom. Driving an Omnichair feels like ballet in an electrical wheelchair. With this wheelchair it is possible to move completely freely, because this chair needs around 30% less maneuvering space. The Omnichair is built by Omniroll, a high-tech company from Switzerland.

The Omnichair is a completely new electrical wheelchair and it’s astonishing mobility gives its owner a unique flexibility. The chair is so innovative that we should hardly call it a wheelchair: it’s an Omnichair.

How it works

The Omnichair is steered like a common electrical wheelchair: a joystick on the armrest. It is highly intuitive and takes only a few minutes to get used to it. You will be surprised what you can do with it. If the joystick is moved to the right, the Omnichair goes right; if the joystick is moved diagonally, the Omnichair will make exactly the same movement without needing to go around a curve. The head of the joystick can also be turned, and the Omnichair will turn on the spot. All other functions such as speed, lights, blinkers, etc. are controlled via a state of the art touchscreen.

Thanks to this maneuverability – until this day unachieved for an electrical wheelchair – it is possible to move completely freely around apartments, workplaces or in large groups of people, even in very crowded conditions like elevators.

Compared to usual electrical wheelchairs, the Omnichair needs around 30% less maneuvering space; this has a positive influence on space requirements indoors and leads to lower costs for wheelchair accessibility constructions, conversions and fitting-out work.

In addition, the Omnichair has an outstanding design and cannot be compared to the usual image of an electrical wheelchair. The plastic body is snappy and modern and beautifully conceals the technology below. Neither motors, cables, batteries nor chassis are visible. The Omnichair can be painted in any color and, thanks to the optional water-transfer printing technique; each Omnichair can become an individual work of art.

Test run

Would you like to test the Omnichair? Book your test run today and info [at] (contact) us.