Super Bowl is a perfect match for Pepsi

Pepsi and the NFL are cooperating for 14 years. Pepsi will be the title sponsor for the Halftime Show at this year’s Super Bowl on Feb 7th, 2016 at the Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. This will be the fourth time Pepsi is sponsoring the Halftime Show.

Pepsi has been active in the sport field since decades. According to Kelly Lowry, Regional Marketing Manager of Pepsi Co., Pepsi wants to position itself as an innovative and fancy brand. That differentiates it from their biggest competitor Coca Cola which stands for tradition. Kelly explains that the brand Pepsi associates itself best with Music and Sport. The Super Bowl as the world's biggest one-day sport event as well as a very huge musical event and moreover an extremely remarkable event in the field of advertisement seems to be the perfect match for Pepsi.

The NFL has the highest priority as a partner. League sponsorship allows Pepsi to take advantage of different emerging markets. But also team deals are highly important. As the San Francisco 49ers moved into the newly built Levis stadium in 2014, Pepsi was already on their side. This sport venue became a new touchpoint for Pepsi to the Bay Area. It helped Pepsi to develop their portfolio in Northern California, an area which is very diverse. But sports brings everyone together.

The Halftime Show sponsored by Pepsi

The Halftime Show at Super Bowl 49 was the most-watched musical event of 2015. Over 118 million people watched it. This is a much bigger number than the number of viewers who were watching the game itself on TV. This year, more than 120 million viewers are expected.

The question which is often asked is if Pepsi has to pay the performer of the Halftime Show or if the artists need to pay to get the chance to perform on this world-famous stage? Fact is that this stage can turn a nobody into a huge new popstar: Bruno Mars performed at Super Bowl 48. His music wasn't really widely known before then. The tickets for his nationwide Bruno Mars tour went on sale the Monday after he performed at Super Bowl 48 and all the tickets sold out right away. This shows the enormous impact of the Halftime Show.

The payback for Pepsi

It is hard to estimate how much Pepsi will spend on this year's Super Bowl. Aside from sponsoring the Halftime Show, Pepsi will run an advertisement which costs over 5 million dollars and has five suites during the game with a value over 500'000 USD each. What is the actual payback that Pepsi gets out of Super Bowl? Next to the sales of Pepsi beverages and newly acquired consumers during the event, Pepsi will also measure the impact of their investment in Super Bowl 50 immediately after the Halftime Show. The number of impressions on social media posted and shared right after the show is a relevant fact for Pepsi. Let's see if all the Super Bowl fans and social media users can satisfy Pepsi's expectations.

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