Milliarium Consulting aus der San Francisco Bay Aera im Silicon Valley hilft Entrepreneurs und Start-ups beim Markteintritt in den USA und der Schweiz oder bei der Geschäftsentwicklung in diesen beiden Ländern.

Marketing & Communications

It is a fact that the majority of visions do not fail in their execution, but on the market. There are also a few important questions here.

Does my product/my service even cover a need? If yes, which one and who are my customers? How do I approach them? Which sales and marketing channels are in line with my financial capabilities as well as the image of my product and/or service? How do I speak to journalists? What do I want to complete internally, externally?

Even during the development of the vision, the interest must be evaluated using a needs and requirements assessment. Based on the feedback, the vision cannot only be further developed, but also made marketable.

Milliarium Consulting accompanies you along every step of your product/service development and consults you in both the market assessment as well as in market entry and market development.